11 Things That Will Help You Stick To Your Daily Exercise Routine

Finding motivation to start working out, or continuing on day after day with your daily exercise routine can be quite difficult. Nothing is more daunting than coming home from a long day of work, tired, hungry, and dehydrated, and trying to muster the courage and energy to depart your warm cozy home to enter the brash, loud, uncomfortable gym. The gym where you are supposed to be pushing yourself to your limits, day in and day out, and while never losing motivation because you know it good for you and you are getting in shape! Sounds like a great daily exercise routine to me…NOT! Get me a beer and put on the football game, I ain’t going to the gym tonight! That is what I wish I could say, but unfortunately, my unshapely figure has me venturing off to the gym multiple nights a week in an attempt to make myself somewhat comfortable with how I look without a shirt on.

The point is, most of us find going to the gym as a chore, and not as an activity – a fun activity that is, or a social activity, or an activity with purpose, or a mentally calming and rejuvenating activity. If we can change what motivates us to go to the gym and change how we view our daily exercise routine, going becomes that much easier. Going to the gym and working out should be hard work, but it should also be fun, satisfying, and energizing. Part of enjoying yourself at the gym is making sure you have the right gear. There is nothing worse than going to the gym and forgetting your water bottle and having someone steal your equipment every time you make a trip over to the fountain for a sip of water. Or forgetting your shorts and having to wear your sweatpants and get even more disgustingly hot and sweaty and uncomfortable during your workout. Or getting to the gym and realizing you forgot your music that you so badly wanted to just jam to after a long day at work. Check out the list of products below that will help you actually enjoy going to the gym. Don’t make it a chore, make it fun for yourself; make it a time for you to go show off your new sexy leggings, or hang out with a friend, or just escape your real life for an hour and just workout.


Lightweight Shorts

man wearing black workout shorts

Get yourself a nice pair of shorts. Seriously, lightweight, breathable, and quick drying shorts make all the difference in keeping you feeling fresh and cool once you start to heat up. You lose a lot of heat through your legs, so a good pair can really help make cardio tolerable. Check out Reebok’s Play Dry shorts for high quality yet inexpensive workout shorts.

High Quality Shirts

long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless lululemon metal vent tech shirts

Depending on your preference (long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless), there are tons of options for workout shirts. Don’t cheap out on shirts; again, they can affect your entire workout. The cheap polyester shirts don’t breathe, and will start to smell as soon as sweat touches them. They are just hives for bacteria growth. I really like Lululemon’s Metal Vent Tech shirts, in both the long sleeve and short sleeve variations. Both have silver embedded in the fabric which has natural antibacterial properties. Plus the cut of the Lululemon shirts just looks great. And hey what better for boosting confidence than a really nice shirt from Lulu that also comes as one of the most functional shirts on the market. As for sleeveless shirts, the simple and inexpensive Nike Dri Fit sleeveless shirts are awesome. It’s a relaxed fit, with a lower neckline so it is in no way restrictive. The arm openings hang low, well away from your armpits and therefor don’t stink up as much either.


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