11 Things That Will Help You Stick To Your Daily Exercise Routine

Leggings or Compression Pants

girl jumping in blue pink and black reebok leggings

Compression pants (leggings for men) have become increasingly popular lately. I don’t quite understand the functionality; I think it’s more of a fashion statement honestly. But in regards to women’s workout apparel, leggings are critical. If you don’t want to walk around the gym in skin tight shorts showing off your booty (which may not be the shape you want it to be, yet J) then get yourself a pair of breathable athletic leggings. The best part about leggings in my opinion is the infinite number of designs and prints on leggings nowadays, so if you are getting a pair of leggings you might as well get a unique or flashy design. Check out Reebok for cool designs on your athletic leggings.

Running Shoes or Lifting Shoes

Adipower Lifting Shoes

Don’t be one of the bros (or bras) at the gym with a massive upper body and pencil thin legs. Before you start any workout, you should be warming up on the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike – whatever you are comfortable with. But warming up is an important aspect of working out. If you plan on hitting the squat racks and doing some heavy lifting (or light lifting and working on form, that’s totally ok too), then think about picking up a pair of these lifting shoes to help give you a solid sturdy base to lift from. They are also slightly elevated helping you keep your form deep in squats and lifts. If you don’t plan on lifting, make sure you have a good pair of athletic or running shoes to use on the treadmill or track. Cardio should never be neglected. And why not pick up everyone’s favorite minimalist, all purpose, and stylish running shoe, the Nike Free.

red and blue nike free 5.0 running shoes


Water Bottle

green gatorade water bottle with hockey players in background

A must have if you plan on working up a sweat and don’t want to have to continuously make trips back to the water fountain. Plus you risk losing your machine or equipment each time you get up to get a drink. My personal favorite water bottle is the classic tall green Gatorade water bottle – easy to hold, easy to squeeze, and holds close to a liter of water – you can’t really go wrong with this one.


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