12 High Octane Concept Cars That Will Really Rev Your Engine

Aston Martin Lagonda

White Astin Martin Lagonda SUV Concept Image

Aston kinda treaded water with this one, but an SUV with their branding is something unheard-of, so it deserves a spot in our list. Fully electric and with one motor powering each wheel, the Lagonda represents Aston Martin’s potential in a future luxury market that will for sure be ruled by SUVs. Announced in Geneva’s 2015 Motor Show, we can expect to see this one being mass-produced in a few years.

astin martin lagonda on show floor

Aston Martin Vulcan

dark green astin martin vulcan

Only 24 examples of the Vulcan will be made, and it’s not road legal, that definitely says something. Powered by a 7.0 liter V12 motor with over 800 hp, this is one of the most extreme cars presented by Aston to the date. Full performance figures and details on the Vulcan will be released closer to its debut later this year, but my hands are sweating already.

2015 Aston Martin Vulcan

Honda Civic Concept

lime green honda civic concept car

One of the best-selling cars in America is getting its most radical redesign ever. Even though this very close to production lime-green concept lacks both motor and interior, we can expect the 10th-generation Civic to use Honda’s new VTEC turbocharged engines with 300 hp, that include a 1.5 liter VTEC Turbo with direct injection and feature a sporty 6-speed manual transmission. According to specialized magazines, this is “a Civic that Mr. Honda would be proud of”, so get your hopes up and prepare your wallets, cause it is expected to hit the market in 2 years.


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