12 Sexy Bathing Suits to Unleash Your Inner Nerd

It would seem that a woman requires no less than 10 bathing suits when going on a tropical vacation…one and a half per day. And all these bathing suits need to have different styles too: you need your sexy one, cute one, strapless, conservative, active – and of course you can’t forget your nerdy bathing suit either. The nerdy bathing suit is a must have in the woman’s bathing suit arsenal. How else do you expect to attract all the young nerds who have now blossomed into handsome charming and successful young men, who still have a special place in their heart for their first true love – their Game Boy. Check out the list below for 12 sexy bathing suits that will definitely help show off your nerdy side.

Harry Potter Bathing Suit

girl in harry potter bathing suit with gryffindor scarf and owlWant to fulfill your childhood dreams of getting that coveted letter from Hogwarts, and finding out you are a wizard or witch? Well…too bad. That dream has long since died for most of us. Anyone over the age of 11 is and forever will be a simple Muggle. But, at least we can still dream, and wear our dreams on our swimsuits with this Harry Potter swimsuit.

Jaws Swimsuit

blonde girl wearing jaws bathing suitThis jaws swimsuit just puts a smile on my face. Firstly, because it reminds me of jaws and the theme music, and if ever I saw a woman walking towards me wearing this bathing suit I would automatically start the “Duh duh……duh duh…..duh duh…duh duh duh duh” etc. etc. or however you want to spell the sound. And it’s a giant man eating shark…coming up from your lady parts…again just makes me laugh.


Sharkini Bikini Bathing Suit

grey shark teeth swimsuitAnother take on a shark bathing suit, this one either has a shark bite taken out of it, or it is meant to look like a shark itself with the grey colours and teeth marks. Regardless, I thought this was a clever bathing suit and a little more classy than the jaws one, but still a good biology nerds bathing suit.


Batman Swimsuit

batman bathing suit with cap and maskYou can really never go wrong with any batman apparel; it’s a pretty safe bet for extremely high coolness factors, in my opinion. I feel like it would be what a Batwoman would dress like if they were fighting crime in the middle of a California heat wave. It even comes complete with utility belt.


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