12 Sexy Bathing Suits to Unleash Your Inner Nerd

Batman Bikini

black and yellow batman themed bikiniThis batman bikini is definitely less nerdy and more cutsie of the two batman bathing suits. It is a flattering bathing suit (for those comfortable wearing a bikini), but still shows that you are a little bit of a nerd who just loves her Batman. More of an “oh hey, I look good in a bikini, and I love Batman” bathing suit.


Wonder Woman Bikini

girl in red and blue wonder woman bikiniSimilar to the Batman bikini, this Wonder Woman bikini is actually fairly tasteful – I quite like the design and cut of the swimsuit itself, and of course it’s got the stars and stripes (kinda) so what good American girl wouldn’t love to go strolling around the beach looking like Wonder Woman.

R2D2  & C3PO Swimsuits

R2D2 is probably the most adored character in the Star Wars universe. Guys and girls alike have huge crushes on the little droid because: a) he is adorable, and b) he always swoops in to save the day. This swimsuit is a slam-dunk for getting boys; as soon as they see you, the beautiful maiden, walking around in the swimsuit of the droid they’ve come to know and love, what do you think they will think of you 😉

R2D2 C3PO Bathing Suits

Ok everyone knows C3PO pales in comparison to R2D2, but hey he’s a droid too and protocol droids almost have feelings and deserve a swimsuit too. This would make for a great matching swimsuit outfit for you and one of your friends wearing the R2D2 swimsuit.

Tetris Swimsuit

girl wearing tetris bathing suitTetris is probably the most captivating yet simple video games of all time. A timeless classic no doubt, just the beautiful lady wearing this bathing suit. Show off your block stacking (and organizational) skills to all the boys while you strut your stuff on the beach. Just make sure if you wear this bathing suit you have brushed up on your Tetris skills, because you will almost certainly get asked to play.


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