12 Sexy Bathing Suits to Unleash Your Inner Nerd

Muscle Anatomy Swimsuit

bathing suit showing musclesThis is a kinda creepy, but a great bathing suit for the anatomy nerd. The muscles may disgust some and be a turn off for some guys, but the true keepers who share your love for anatomy and the human body 😉 will be sure to seek you out in your muscle bathing suit.

Game Boy Swimsuit

girl wearing original gameboy swimsuitThe classic game boy swimsuit (originally a Black Milk product which they no longer sell) – a sure fire bet to get the mid-twenties to mid-thirties nerd checking you out. And hey you never know, those overweight nerds who played too many video games when they were younger may have blossomed into handsome, chiselled young men. So keep an eye out ladies, these Game Boys, and now Game Men.

Princess Leia Slave Bikini

princess leia slave bikini outfitAlthough this technically isn’t a bathing suit, I had to include it. This is the quintessential bikini of our time (or my time at least) – the Princess Leia Slave bikini. Every little boy on the entire planet (who had seen Star Wars) wanted to be Luke Skywalker as he rescued Leia in her slave outfit off of Jaba’s ship. And now, there are still many Luke Skywalker’s out there trying to find their Princess Leia, so make sure when you see a Luke, he knows that you are his Leia. And yes I realize this is a little weird since they turned out to be brother and sister, so we can change Luke to Han Solo if you prefer.



And there you have it! My list of 12 sexy but tastefully nerdy bathing suits hopefully catered to all your nerdy preferences. If you are interested, the majority of the bathing suits can be purchased on Amazon for pretty reasonable prices (follow the links in the article), and some are Black Milk replicas if you want the real thing for 8 times the price. Let me know your favorites, or let me know if I missed any awesome bathing suits that I should add to the list!


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