15 Incredibly Easy Group Halloween Costumes

T-Rex and Dinosaur Man (or Woman)

inflatable dinosaur costume, and chris pratt in jurassic world

We’ve all seen the hilarious clips of the T-Rex’s doing everything from snow mobile-ing, to gymnastics, to just running around and looking adorable. This T-Rex costume is a must have on my list of Halloween costumes this year, but of course what will my girlfriend (or boyfriend) go as?? The sexy and manly Chris Pratt of course (or his illustrious female counterpart). The T-Rex costume itself is somewhat hard to come by as it often sells out as soon as it’s available, but if you are quick you should have no problem getting your hands on one before Halloween. The Chris Pratt archaeologist/dinosaur trainer outfit is pretty easy to come by, and fairly similar to my aforementioned Indiana Jones Halloween costume. The key is a brown vest. All people involved with dinosaurs, danger, or just anything really old, tend to always wear brown, and always wear a vest. And if you want to include some more friends in your group Halloween costume, just add some raptor suits, or get more brown vests – both are easy to add, and the more prey for the T-Rex the better.

Maverick and Goose

maverick and goose group halloween costume

The most epic pairing of all time…GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! I think the best part of dressing up as Maverick and Goose for a group Halloween costume is getting to walk around and yell the cheesy quotes all the time. Or just break out in song. Or just break out into a sweaty shirtless volleyball game, you know, whichever you prefer. Really all you need is a sweet leather jacket, aviators, a white t-shirt, and jeans. Pretty damn simple. If you want to go all out you can even get some Maverick and Goose dog tags to complete the outfits. Or if you really want you can get the full fighter pilot costume too, but I prefer the simple method that makes it easy for you and your bestie to walk around high fiving all day, and singing “You’ve Lost That Love and Feeling” to every cute girl you see.


The Ninja Turtles

girls ninja turtles halloween costumes

Everyone loves the Ninja Turtles – the original Ninja Turtles, not the CGI’d Megan Fox Michael Bay Ninja Turtles. This is a great group Halloween costume for you and three of your pizza loving, skateboarding, crime-fighting friends. The good thing is about these costumes is they are fairly easy to put together. You can get the toy versions of all their weapons for a couple dollars at almost any dollar store; the colored bandanas are pretty easy to come by; you can get little shell backpacks for everyone; or you can just buy shirts that have the ninja turtle bodies imprinted on them, including prints of the bodies, shells, bandanas, and weapons. Voila – you are now the Ninja (Human) Turtles. Cowabunga Dude.

Mario Kart Group Halloween Costumes

nintendo character mario kart group halloween costumes

It’s a meee a Mariooo!! And Peach of course. The most lovable couple in all of video game history make for a great group Halloween costume. Peach is pretty easy, all you need is a pink dress, white stockings/leggings, and a yellow wig. Mario is super easy if you want to fork over the cash and just buy a costume, which you can do for anywhere from $20 and up ($20 on eBay, $60 on Spirit Halloween). The rest of the Nintendo crew can be purchased pretty easily too, or at least Toad and Luigi; from the looks of the picture Wario and Waluigi outfits can be purchased at any thrift store. And if any of your friends have a really big, hairy dog just throw a red tie on them and they become Donkey Kong.


Star Wars Group Halloween Costumes

star wars group halloween costumes

Any combination of Star Wars characters would make a great for a great group Halloween costume idea: Han and Chewie, Han and Leia, Luke and Han, R2D2 and C3PO, Vader and Luke, Stormtroopers – the possibilities are almost endless, the costumes, however, are a little more difficult to come by. Han would be the easiest, you just need the blaster – and you DO NEED THE BLASTER. How is Han supposed to shoot first without the blaster? Luke wouldn’t be too bad either for clothing. It helps if you already have movie props like a lightsaber, Jedi robe, Chewbacca costume, or Storm Trooper costume. For Leia, you can either take the sexy route and get the metal Princess Leia bikini costume, or just put your hair in giant buns and wear a white sheet pretty much. Any way you go, Star Wars is always a classic for Halloween, and it will be especially classic with the release of the new Star Wars coming out later this year.


And there you have it – the 15 coolest, most interesting, and most creative group Halloween costume ideas (that I could think of at least). I undoubtedly missed some great ones that I will see roaming the streets or hitting the clubs at Halloween this year and know that I will kick myself for not including them in this post.

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