4 Awe-Inspiring Celebrity Homes That Will Make You Jealous

In case you weren’t feeling unsatisfied enough with your plain, normal, average, mansion-less life, these mansions will be sure to make you feel even more worthless and regret definitely make you regret never taking singing lessons when you were a child. Most of us can only dream of obtaining the vast amount of wealth these four outstanding musicians (or let’s call them…practicing artists at the very least) have, but at least we can drool over their estates while we sit in our home and vow to change our lives for the better. That’s what celebrities are for right? Showing yourself what you could become if you truly stick with your dreams and live up to your potential? That, and showing us how to squander fortunes the fortunes that will forever elude us.

Regardless of your financial situation, you can check out the gorgeous homes of 4 of the hottest musicians in the industry today. And even if you can’t afford to rent a 16,000 square foot mansion to throw parties is (ahem, Justin Bieber) you can at least take away some styling notes from the elegant and extravagant homes from the rich and famous that you could use in your next renovation.



drake mansion with pool, tennis court, volleyball court

Drake probably has the coolest party mansion; it’s called the YOLO Estate…seriously. Drake bought this property from Saddle Ranch owner Larry Pollack in mid-2012. Apparently the property was worth $27 million in 2009 but the owner needed cash and sold it only for $7.7 million to Drake. YOLO!


drake's master bedroom

Drake’s master bedroom is nicely furnished with old-fashioned furniture and Walnut floorboards – honestly I was expecting zebra print, fur carpets, and gold chains hanging from the walls, but it looks like Drake actually has decent taste, albeit the name of his estate.


drake's outdoor pool with two waterfalls

The superstar Drake admits that he is obsessed with gigantic residential pools. He actually found out about this place when he was searching for the craziest residential pools in the world. According to him, this place has been his desktop background for years. The YOLO Estate really is his dream mansion.

drake hot tub in cave with waterfalls


Drake’s pool comes with an underground cave complete with a hot tube, waterfalls and torch lighting – definitely some of the coolest features of any pool you will see anywhere. The natural rock and torch lighting really make this look like a natural spring or some hidden oasis. I bet he has no trouble wooing the ladies when he takes them into his more spa-like version of the bat cave.


old wooden library with ladder up to second level

Marvel at the old-fashioned library inside the YOLO Estate (again, unexpected from a twenty-something rapper). This is where Drake spends his free time reading books…real books with no pictures in them, just words…hopefully.

home theater room with two rows of white leather seats

The YOLO Estate has its own home theater that can seat 25-28 people. This is more of what I expect in a young superstar mansion. Now he can invite all the Toronto Raptors over after the game and they can watch the highlights of Drake throwing air balls (link here).  Regardless, the amazing interior is a mixture of old-fashioned and modern styles, my favorite of which is the old school movie theater style red curtains.


drake's wine cellar with hundred's of bottles of wine

Drake has his own wine cellar and tasting room where he keeps the finest wines and liquor from all over the world – perfect after a hard day’s work, or if the superstar wants to relax or get super trashed with all his rapper buddies. He undoubtedly has some really nice bottles of Patron and Dom Perignon in there too cause he always sings about drinking it, right?


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