4 Awe-Inspiring Celebrity Homes That Will Make You Jealous


Justin Bieber
Bieber white glass mansion in Hollywood Hills

The Canadian singer probably has one of the most stunning and modern homes you could find. Mind you he doesn’t actually own it. This most recent Bieber mansion is a 16,000 square foot mansion that Bieber rents for the sole purpose of throwing parties. Yeah seriously. You know you have too much money when you have a party mansion, and a living mansion separate.


white master bedroom with dark floors and blue lighting under bed

This master bedroom is one of two in the house, because really in a 16,000 square foot house you need more than one master of the house – it is the size of about 13 of my houses after all. So really there needs to be 13 master bedrooms. But this is exactly the type of style I would expect from a filthy stinking rich 21 year old child pop star turned mega superstar. The blue florescent lighting underneath the bed is just way too much for me.

free weight room in justin bieber's party mansion

Justin Bieber has a gym in this place just in case you and your bros are at the Bieb’s party and your like “Yo bro, wanna take a break from the party and go get swole and sweaty?” And your bro is like “Duuude. You read my mind.” I am guessing the gym doesn’t get used a lot by anyone else though since Bieber rarely actually stays at this house other than when him and his bros are partying.


home theatre room with white leather couches and black carpet

The Justin Bieber mansion also comes complete with a pretty wicked looking home theater room styled in the same ultra modern black and white everything with room for anywhere from 1-17 people, complete with cool old school movie posters on the wall.

bieber eighty foot swimming pool in hollywood hills

And what would a mansion be without an eighty foot swimming pool? The pool doesn’t quite hold up to Drake’s pool in terms of stature, but it is definitely a style of it’s own with the super narrow design and again the blue florescent lights lighting up the Hollywood sign – just in case you forgot where you were because you were partying too hard.


white couches overlooking hollywood hillsLike the rest of his home, the front of the home features leather sofas overlooking what I am sure is a breathtaking view of the plethora of mansions dotting up and down the famed Hollywood Hills. You get to look down on all the plebeians who only have 8,000 square foot mansions while you sit and mock them from the beautiful room in your 16,000 square foot mansion while the sweet melodic voice of Justin Bieber cascades from the home’s built-in speaker system.


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