4 Awe-Inspiring Celebrity Homes That Will Make You Jealous


Taylor Swift

 taylor swift's penthouse in a red brick old fashioned building

Taylor Swift bought this Tribeca penthouse for a whopping $20 million, with a total of 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, covering a ridiculous 8300 square feet. The style definitely fits the popular singer (who never goes “Out of Style”, according to her) and has got to be up there with the coolest houses/homes in New York. Fun fact: T Swift purchased this property from former owner Peter Jackson, the producer and director of Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies.


swift's white and brown wooden kitchen

taylor swift and friend cooking in kitchenThis is Swift’s very classy kitchen, which is nicely accented with deep grainy wood finishes. It looks more like a dining area of a fancy restaurant than a kitchen. The exposed beam ceiling, marble island and furniture add a classic touch to the whole kitchen. From the picture you just know Taylor loves cooking her meals (or sleepover snacks) in this dream kitchen.


penthouse old-fashioned atrium with wooden stair case and banister

I really like the simplicity and old-fashioned style found throughout the house, showcased by this atrium and staircase. Minimalist style, oak banisters, and white walls, with the velvet couch and Persian rug – just a really cool style reminiscent of early twentieth century England, not often found in homes of today’s rich and famous. To be honest, this was almost certainly a product of Peter Jackson’s design, but it’s cool that Taylor still likes the old-fashioned look.


living room with wooden floors and vintage red and wood styling

Swift’s home definitely looks very royal in red, but also has a nice cottage feel to it with the dark wood finish and furniture, not to mention the cozy fireplace. The home almost has an old-school hotel feel to it like it could be something straight out of The Shining. It’s almost too nice and inviting, there must be evil lurking somewhere.

vintage room with old fashioned furniture mixed with modern wooden design

Swift will always be a country girl no matter what. She has mixed old-fashioned furniture with country-style elements and thrown it all into a ridiculous penthouse in one of the nicest areas of New York. Even though she undoubtedly paid thousands of dollars for an interior decorator to help her out, her country girl taste and down to earth personality that we have all know and love still shines through in her new home.


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