4 Awe-Inspiring Celebrity Homes That Will Make You Jealous


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

pool overlooking Kanye and Kim Kardashian stone mansion

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian own a stunning 15,000 square foot mansion in Hidden Hill, California. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West main residence is a massive mansion, with an estimated worth of $20 million, in Hidden Hills, California. The couple bought this mansion in August 2014 from Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the famed Elvis Presley. The beautiful mansion has two indoor spas, two barbecue centers, a large pavilion for entertainment (estimated to be 1,050 square feet) and its own vineyard. The two definitely live a very luxurious life in this mansion.


view from pool into the stone lounging area

Elegant pool fountains, giant stone patio areas and gazebos with massive fireplaces – what more could you want for a beautiful summer evening. Just get out of the pool and step into the beautiful stone lounging area and warm yourself by the fire as you take in the beautiful Las Angeles sunset through the haze and smog. Truthfully though, it makes me with I was rich and famous. If I only had a sex tape…

white living room with black trim and wooden ceiling beams

While the exterior of the house is primarily browns and earth tones, the interior has a much more modern look with whites, greys, and blacks dominating with a bit of exposed wood here and there. The wood contrasts nicely and creates a really modern and luxurious home with a bit of a homey touch. And of course a marble fireplace because…well why not!


kim kardashian white and black vintage styled bathroom

Kanye and Kim share a gorgeous white bathroom with marble floors and a old fashioned standalone tub. I guess they don’t shower ever? I’m just kidding I’m sure they have a 100 square foot shower tucked away somewhere in that bathroom. There is even a powder table and chair for Kim (and maybe Kanye) to beautify for the day’s events. I really like the vintage style fixtures: the chair, the taps, the chandelier – they all add a touch of sophistication to what would otherwise be a plain (but enormous) bathroom.

white and black modern style master bedroom with wooden ceiling beams

The master bedroom looks like a very cozy one with a cool little window seat like the one Hook steals Peter Pan’s kids from in “Hook”. I’ve always been really terrified of those windows since I was a kid, but I think it would be really cool to be Peter Pan so I am ok with having one. I’m sure me and Kanye are on the same page with this one.  As you can see, the whole house has a consistent ultra modern minimalist style, with a touch of soft wooden trim and accents to give it a homey feel.


There you have it. All the styling tips for your next renovation; whether you go with Drake’s “YOLO I’m going to buy whatever I want” look, Taylor’s old-school cool and vintage styling (that “never goes out of style”), Bieber’s immature super modern cheesy blue lighting look, or Kim and Kanye’s classic yet modern and minimalist design – all are now at your fingertips for your next renovation. All you need is to find a couple million dollars to build yourself and two water fall swimming pool and you’re all set.

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