5 Outrageous Man Caves of Hollywood’s Leading Men

Finally it has become acceptable for a man to have some personal space in his own house. Those days when you had to stand by and swallow your pride as the last vestiges of your masculinity were chipped away by Paleo diets, fine Mexican soaps and interior decorating tea parties are gone. You roar, Mr. Pillow Fluffer of the month, you have a man-cave now; somewhere you can retreat to and relax, and enjoy a couple of cold ones. Now if you think the man cave at your buddy’s house with the foosball table and beer fridge in his garage is sweet, wait till you feast your eyes on these fine castles that carry the not so humble title of “man cave for celebrities”. You could move in with your wife and kids and live comfortably in some of their ‘last stands’. No seriously, this is not an exaggeration, these places are insane – in scale, and design. We expect celebrities to at least display a modicum of sanity in public; after all they’ve raked in millions and have hordes of men and women lining up to worship them, name their babies after them, all because we worship every word out of their mouths (or punch of their fists) and are willing to fork over cash time and time again to let them grace us on the big screen.  But these retreats are far from humble, and some are far from sane. Only the crazy, or the crazy rich would live in places like these. After you check out these fabulous man caves owned by some of Hollywood’s finest, you will definitely turn green with envy, and wish you were a little crazy too.


Johnny Depp

 view of Johnny Depp's mansion in France

Johnny Depp’s man sanctuary in France is not just a place for a night out with the boys, but an ode to his career. When he saw it in 2001, Depp purchased it and decided to invest an additional $10 million in renovations.  That’s more than 5x the amount that the average person makes in their entire lifetime just on renovations.
Johhny Depp  Pirate of the Caribbean Cave

The house holds a room with Pirates of the Caribbean merchandise because he enjoyed the role so much and he wanted more than just a poster on the wall to remember it by. The room is actually an underground cave that is filled with all sorts of memorabilia mainly, but not limited to his time as Jack Sparrow.

fireplace and rocking chair in Johnny Depp's painting room

37 acres is way more than enough room to fulfill any needs he has, such as a place for his collection of paintings…for which he conveniently has a painting room. Whoever wants this slice of paradise can get some of the belongings of one of the manliest men on the planet because sadly he is putting it up for sale. For the low price of $25 million you can live like this Hollywood heartthrob.


view of the stone buildings inside Johnny Depp's estate

Of course the $25 million price tag is fair exchange considering the place is a small town in itself, containing a restaurant among many other facilities. The place is only 25 km from the island paradise St Tropez, and with 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms it could easily be converted into a guest house instead of masquerading as a man-cave. The kicker of it all is that Depp designed the house by himself with little influence from anybody else. It’s his vision and his alone so step right up and get a bona fide memento of a Hollywood icon.

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