5 Outrageous Man Caves of Hollywood’s Leading Men

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt California Man Cave

Brad Pitt doesn’t just own a man cave, he owns a man-sion cave. He didn’t win an Oscar and start a Fight Club just to struggle with a 6’ x 6’ room that can only fit his high school acting trophy. He bought a whole house and declared it his man cave.  The A-list celebrity has a rule that women aren’t allowed into his house in Malibu because that’s where he goes to kick back and relax with the boys.  Not only can he act but should also offer classes on how to woo and impress an academy award winner and one of the most gorgeous women on the planet (other than having lots of money and nice houses). No luxuries were spared in this mid century mansion big enough to host his own private fight club. It was built in the middle of the last century and is right along the pacific coast.


View of the ocean from Brad Pitt's house

There are walls made entirely of glass to give a view of the entire place because Brad’s the kind of guy to who likes to know what’s going on in his house. If the ocean view hasn’t piqued your attention then nothing will.

Bar inside Brad Pitt's man cave overlooking the ocean

If a view of the ocean isn’t enough for you then you could hang out at the bar. Being a man with classic taste Pitt had his own vintage jukebox fitted in the place. He also owns a motorbike collection that includes a Confederate Hellcat as well as a Harley Davidson among other motorbikes.


View of pool at Brad Pitt's man cave

The house has swimming pool that could comfortably fit a couple of families for those days when the ocean is too salty. His long time friend George Clooney is among the elite few who were allowed in to the estate before he sold it. The house certainly wasn’t winning any awards for day-care center of the year but it is a shoo-in for a man-cave award.


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