5 Outrageous Man Caves of Hollywood’s Leading Men

Keanu Reeves


two motorcycles in Keanu Reeves's bike shop

Seeing that Keanu Reeves is the star of one of the most memorable sci-fi movies of all time (The Matrix), it is only fitting that he also has one of the most memorable man caves of all time. While others might be contending with a measly garage or pimped out basement, Reeves has an entire workshop devoted solely to fixing his motorcycles. Forget fancy caves and movie roles this is masculinity 101 right here, getting right back to the core of a man fixing his machine without any interruptions. Reeves is quite the bike connoisseur with his love for motorbikes starting when he was just 22 doing a movie in Germany. His collection has grown ranging from sophisticated sports bikes like the ones he makes to simple cruisers.


view of Keanu Reeves's motorcycle shop

Considering that he has gone all the way to owning a motorcycle company, it is pretty clear he has an advanced disease suffered by man a man: he is a piston head. His garage includes some cutting edge tools that allow him to open up a motorcycle like a surgeon at his table and put it back together. A few thousand bucks at a garage could of course get a bike blazing, but nothing can compare to a garage right in your backyard. In his place Keanu Reeves visions actually come to life as some of the motorbikes are built from his own sketches. His shop is not for amateurs or the faint of heart (and pocket) however, as some of the bikes cost more than $70,000.

Workstations within Keanu Reeves's motorcycle garage

The place is a work of art itself with decks of painting near each motorcycle stand. The Matrix trilogy star says that riding is, “a time to think, contemplate, quiet time.”  It’s hard to disagree with Reeves and anyone who makes their own bike definitely has earned the right to go ride them.


Keanu Reeves sitting on new motorcycle line

All this started when he wanted to have a sissy bar added to one of his bikes and it could have gone in an entirely different direction. Fortunately we don’t always stick with our first ideas and that’s why there’s a custom bike maker who got into the project with him.

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