5 Outrageous Man Caves of Hollywood’s Leading Men

Jason Statham 


White living room with fireplace in Jason Statham's man cave

England’s finest action star Jason Statham is definitely one of the manliest men out there. When not looking good on the red carpet, Statham is busy chilling at his man cave and just like the rest on this list – it’s definitely no small picking. To start with, it’s not a simple room but a house, a $2 million house. The house has four bedrooms and four bathrooms designed just around the same time as Brad Pitt’s was in the middle of the twentieth century. It must have been a special period.


wooden accents and kitchen table in Jason Statham house

His cave is a fully furnished house in Hollywood Hills that cost a cool $2 million. The place was furnished with wood being the central theme making it ideal for a living room that would only host a few friends. The story of how he came upon it is quite interesting. Statham had lived in the neighborhood at a different house for a long time before moving into this newer mansion. Understand this is his man cave. His real home with his wife is over at Beverly Hills 90210 and cost him $12 million. The sole purpose of this place is for him to have a place to pay tribute to the gods of testosterone. And I definitely wouldn’t mind joining him for his occasional worship.


Jason Statham white kitchen in houseMarble counter tops and stainless steel kitchen appliances are of course standard throughout the house. I certainly hope he knows how to use that kitchen, it would be a pity for such fine kitchenware to go unused. But being the English gentleman he is, he of course knows the true way to a woman’s heart is through a delicious home cooked meal. A fireplace which has outdoor access is also included so no need for him to take of his shirt to turn up the temperature (although that is always an option).


view of outdoors and pool in Jason Statham's home

Everything from a pool to a spa is included in this beau where the star gets to relax when dreaming about his next action adventure. The spa and trees on the outside are definitely appreciated for anyone who’s been having a hard day at the gym. It is a surprise that he would buy a pad so close to his real home but given it’s in a place he previously lived it makes sense that he would want to kick back and relax in a place that reminded him of a simpler time before he was a Hollywood star.


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