5 Outrageous Man Caves of Hollywood’s Leading Men

John Travolta


overhead view of John Travolta's house with airplanes

From now on, we will be referring to John Travolta as Captain John Travolta. The man who made his millions dancing for us on Saturday Night Live has a man cave that’s so outrageous it needs aerial photos to view it. As you can see, he has no less than three personal airplanes (one of which is a Jumbo Jet…) on his personal air strip. He’s like a real life Austin Powers: “It’s my Jumbo Jet; smashing baby!”


view of runway leading up to John Travolta's house

The place has to be viewed from above so that the entire airstrip is seen, along with the hangar and runway. This isn’t just your typical private airstrip with somewhere to park that World War II relic that’s barely legal; we’re talking about somewhere you could land a full passenger plane and still get yourself back up to speed to take off.

private jet parked outdoors at John Travolta's home

The runways are actually designed so that the planes are parked right at the front door. Travolta is such a big fan of the whole aviation experience he even became a registered pilot. This is the man you want next to you when the pilot has a heart attack and collapses while airborne. When you have a Wikipedia page dedicated to your man cave you know that you swing in the big leagues.


John Travolta saluting in front of a Quantas jumbo jet

So what’s so hot about his Jumbo lair? Well the site has at least five aircrafts for Captain Travolta. The man actually has a Boeing 707 and has been working with Qantas for more than ten years. So sure Keanu Reeves can make a custom bike but can he get recognition from a major airline or equivalent bike company like ol’ Johnny boy?  Travolta has been a spokesperson for the airline which would explain him using their brand and has enjoyed many trips to Australia where he often pilots himself. There’s nothing left to say when a man flies his own plane and parks it right at his front door.

And there you have it. Green with envy yet? Jealous of John Travolta’s personal Jumbo Jet? Johnny Depp’s private little village? Brad and Jason’s chic, modern man caves? Or Keanu Reeves motorcycle collection? Nah me neither. Those aren’t real man caves; like I said those are man-sion caves. A real man cave consists of dingy carpet, dim lighting, a big TV, an old leather sofa, crappy cold beer, best friends, and no girls. That’s pretty much all you need to get yourself a real man cave. I mean, it would be nice to have a runway and personal airplane access to said man cave, but I’ll settle for just taking the stairs to the basement.


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