7 Coffee Cup Designs to Make You the Talk of the Office

Below is a list of awesome coffee cup designs (in no particular order) to help your nerdy self gain some much-deserved respect around the office. Plus, that sweet nectar of the gods just tastes that much better when it’s coming out of Darth Vader’s head.


Darth Vader Coffee Cup

coffee cup design of Darth Vader's mask

There are tons, and I mean TONS of Star Wars coffee cup designs out there. There are simple ones just with pictures on them, some with quotes, and others with characters – and then there are the all-out cups shaped like faces. That’s right. You can get Darth Vader’s face on a coffee cup. What could possibly taste better than the dark side of the force feeding you a nice dark roast coffee? Mmmmm. Or you can drink from R2D2’s body to perk your right up. Or drink from everyone’s favorite bounty hunter – Boba Fett. Basically the options are endless if you want a nice variety of subtle to extreme Star Wars coffee cups, with my personal favorite as the Darth Vader head.


Color Changing Dinosaur Coffee Cup

color changing dinosaur coffee cup design

Dinosaurs are awesome – everyone knows it. It’s kind of just a fact of life. There is nothing more fascinating and powerful and awe-inspiring than imagining these giant creatures walking this Earth, so why not remind yourself of it everyday? This color changing coffee mug shows the Dinosaurs and some scenery when cold, and then shows you their skeletons when you pour hot liquid into it. It might be a little disturbing (what kind of message is that sending? That coffee is poisonous?), but all in all just getting to see the Dinosaurs as we can only imagine them, and then getting to see their bones as we know them, is kind of just a cool idea for a coffee cup.

Face Coffee Cup Design

white coffee cup with donut in mouth

These face coffee cup designs are pretty hilarious, despite the fact that the damn cookie/donut hole takes up precious space for sweet sweet coffee. But I would probably sacrifice some coffee space if I had a donut to dunk in it. I know it sounds gross, but if you’ve actually every tried dunking a double chocolate glaze donut into coffee? It’s freakin delicious. Cookies are alright too, and you can even just store the cookies in the mouth. What I really love about this coffee mug though is that there could just be a hole to store your food, but they throw a face in as well just to add some hilarity. Follow this link to Amazon to check it out.


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