7 Coffee Cup Designs to Make You the Talk of the Office

Lord of the Rings Color Changing Coffee Cup Design

lord of the rings coffee cup design, one ring to rule them all inscription

This is the ultimate fantasy nerd coffee cup design. It starts off as just a plain, unmarked black mug – similar to how the One Ring starts off as a plain ordinary looking gold ring. But when you pour a hot liquid into it (or in the Ring’s case throw it into the fire), the black fades and the inscription from the One Ring remains on the side of the cup. How mind-blowingly cool is that!? The bad news is this cup is only sold by one company on Amazon (as far as I can tell) and they are always running out of stock. So if you see it available anywhere, jump on it because this rare coffee cup is the one coffee mug to rule them all.

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

silver self stirring coffee cup design

A simple, yet innovative and neat little coffee cup – the self-stirring coffee mug. It’s just a simple stainless steel mug with “Self Stirring Mug” written on the side just to make sure everyone knows how cool the mug you are using is. But it actually has some practicality to it too; I don’t know how many times I get to the bottom of my coffee or tea and find all the sugar, or all the grounds just sitting in the bottom. And it’s disgusting. Having the ability to stir your coffee with just the push of a button, definitely has its appeal as you don’t need to keep a dirty coffee stained spoon at your desk or on the counter. I don’t know exactly how this thing gets cleaned; I am guessing it’s not dishwasher safe, but I don’t mind washing a mug by hand if it stirs my coffee for me. Check it out here!


Cookie Monster Coffee Cup

cookie monster coffee cup design

This is yet another perfect use of the food/donut/cookie holder coffee cup design. I actually don’t think you could get a more suiting coffee cup that holds cookies, than the cookie monsters face. These coffee cups are custom made on Etsy, so you can even personalize them with messages on the back (one example was “You’re the Milk to My Cookies” lol). With the plethora of cookies that usually seem to hang around the office (my office at least), this cup will be your new best friend. Plus, everytime you see a cookie you can just yell COOOKIEEEE!


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