6 Eye-catching Sunglasses You Can’t Get at Sunglasses Hut

Kameleonz: Floating Sunglasses

sunglasses floating underwater

You definitely won’t find these at Sunglasses Hut. Why didn’t anyone thought of this sooner? Sunglasses and water do not mix. Period. I can’t even count the number of pairs of expensive sunglasses I have seen sink into the abyss of a deep dark lake, or get washed away and lost in the cloudy ocean tide. At least when you are boating, and your hat flies off, you have a couple of seconds to dive off the speeding boat and get to your hat before it saturates and sinks. Sunglasses…not so much; they are gone as soon as they hit the water. Expect now you never have to worry about that again with Kameleonz’s floating sunglasses – the perfect boating sunglasses for the water-sports enthusiasts. I mean seriously, how hard would this be for Luxottica to develop and brand as a water sports or boating line for Oakley or something like that?

Epicstoke Carver Sunglasses: Interchangeable, Polarized Lensesblue sunglasses facing yellow sunglasses

While these may appear to be your standard run of the mill Sunglasses hut cheapo, plastic, wayfarer style sunglasses, I can assure you – you will not find anything of this sort at Sunglasses Hut. Customizable, acetate, pliable, polarized sunglasses. First off, why the heck haven’t sunglasses ever been built to be customizable? I mean really, there are lenses, and frames; theoretically, you could have hundreds of different combinations of glasses, if they just made the damn lenses interchangeable. I mean, you can get some I’m sure – I think Oakley makes some actually, but for plastic frames and polarized lenses you are looking at between $200 and $300. These Epicstoke Carver sunglasses are made from strong yet flexible cellulose acetate (not cheap molded plastic typical of most sunglasses brands) and come with three sets of polycarbonate polarized lenses. There you go, for around $80, you can have three pairs of high-quality sunglasses.


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