6 Eye-catching Sunglasses You Can’t Get at Sunglasses Hut

Buhel Tech Sunglasses: Bluetooth Headphone Sunglasses

man wearing bluetooth sunglasses

Now…these Bluetooth sunglasses could go either way – big flop, or insanely successful. This “bone conduction technology” is pretty friggin cool, I just don’t know if it works. Supposedly it just vibrates the sound through your head and it reaches the bones in your ear that decipher the vibrations into sound. This is the kind of stuff that may be a little too ahead of its time, but that I am really excited to see in the future. Integrate something like this into google glass and you basically have your phone on your face, and you get to look like a cool dude like this guy.


Wooed: Wooden Sunglasses

wooden framed sunglasses on skateboard

Again, a pair of high quality, sustainable, sunglasses. What is not to love? Especially when you consider the cost of these wooden sunglasses vs Oakley’s or Ray Bans, it’s actually insane how much they can get away with charging for crappy plastic frames. As far as I know, Oakley’s wholesale price to retailers is 50% of what you pay. The retailers then double the price and sell them to you. So the retailer makes at least 50% of about $200 for polarized lenses, and Oakley probably makes another 50% or $50 at least, meaning that the actual glasses cost at most $50 to make, and you are buying them for $200. Does that sound fair? I will gladly forgo the giant flashy Oakley symbol on the side of my sunglasses and spend $200 on a pair of unique wooden sunglasses, with just as high-quality lenses, and support small(er) businesses that are actually innovating and creating new products while actually trying to provide value to their customers. I wouldn’t really be too surprised however if you do start seeing these sold in Sunglasses Huts around North America. The wooden sunglasses trend is real, and it won’t be long before Luxottica finally starts making something as simple yet appealing as “natural” sunglasses. Hey, it’s a step in the right direction for them at least.


If only there was a storefront that wasn’t Sunglasses Hut, or owned by Luxottica, where one could go view all the innovative smaller sunglasses makers and their intriguing and unique product. A business opportunity perhaps? A unique sunglasses store with none of the big brand names, just high-quality unique products. I would definitely shop there. But next time you are out looking for a sweet new pair of sunglasses, opt for the something new; support the underdog, support innovative small businesses, and overall, support change.


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