Running for Beginners: Gear to Get You Going

Running for beginners is a daunting task; just the thought of running, for the sake of running, endlessly down some gravel road or pounding along the pavement makes me want to curl up in bed with a tub of ice cream. And while it is no easy task to force yourself to put your body through some gruelling challenges, you will thank yourself for it.  The reward and sense of accomplishment after a run is one of a kind – something you can only get by looking inside yourself and finding that motivation to push yourself to do something difficult and succeed. Running not only gives you a wicked workout and keeps you in great shape, but it also gives you some alone time and can also become somewhat of a meditative exercise for some people who like to just escape the real world and run. Plus it releases tons of endorphins so you feel great after a run. And that’s not just me talking, that’s science – the runner’s high is a real thing. And while a runner’s high is one of the best motivators to keep you running, some people need a little help starting out. Below is the running for beginners list of necessities to get you out there, running, walking, or at the very least just getting some exercise and staying healthy. The easier you make running, the more fun you will have, the better shape you will be in, and the better you will feel.


Running Shoes

running for beginners nike free running shoesA lot of beginners underestimate the power of a good running shoe. Running for beginners may be as simple as standing up, walking outside, and starting to run. But if there is one thing, one very important thing you should do, is at least put on some good runners. Running shoes are designed specifically for the purpose of running (hence the name…). They aid in cushioning and guiding your foot and ankle movement to avoid sore feet or painful ankles, knees, hips, back, and shoulders – seriously, your feet can affect the alignment of your entire body. If you plan on doing street runs, a no-brainer choice in this category would be the Nike Free 5.0 running shoes. Nike spends millions in the design of the ergonomics and mechanics of the shoe, and they have what seems like millions of different designs.

Some newer styles of this model even feature hexagonal grooves hot-knife cut into the outsole, those create six different flex points that allow your foot to get even more comfort than the earlier models. Also, the heels of the Nike Free running shoes are adaptive and will mimic the shape of your foot, while still rolling across the ground to promote a more natural foot strike.

Now if you are more of an off-road runner type of guy or gal, I recommend Salomon’s Spikecross. I own a pair…they are awesome. I don’t even use them for trail running half the time; I just walk around in them. You do wear the shoes out faster as they have giant grips on the bottom for the slippery trails. If you are just starting out doing long distance running, these are not really an entry level running for beginners shoe. They are a great all purpose shoe, but as they are more trail specific, they may not be suited to the technique, running style, or terrain style of entry level runners. Nevertheless, if you do prefer trail running to city running, I would definitely recommend something like these. running for beginners solomon trail running shoes

The Spikecross 3 CS features Salomon’s newest technology, the Climashield, which present embedded metal spikes on the bottom for unsurpassed grip on any surface. Another unique trait of these shoes is the Sensifit technology which molds the shoe to your foot, providing a stable, precise snug fit all around the system, and a quick lace easy-on-easy-off system for a secure and customized fit, that locks in the most comfortable position and will never loosen while you are running. The quick lace system was one of the selling features for me, letting you lace up and unlace in literally less than a second, giving you the ultimate versatility for your shoe.


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