Running for Beginners: Gear to Get You Going

Shorts & Compression Shorts

running for beginners black reebok speedwick shorts

Compression shorts keep the muscles warm and help preventing strains and fatigue, while wicking sweat away from the body to prevent chafing and rashes. Why wouldn’t you get some? Especially since they are becoming incredibly stylish for men somehow. And there is no better way to look the part of an experienced runner than to dress like one. Confidence is key and if you are a beginner runner and want to feel more confident running, then by god you wear leggings if that’s what it’ll take to get you feeling good and looking forward to going for a run.

Reebok is known for being one of the best when it comes down to athletic shorts, a good example being Reebok’s Speedwick line. They are the perfect mix of casual and sportswear, Reebok has managed to combine style and mobility in this runner-ready line of shorts. They are a little longer than the hardcore runner may like, but for beginner runners they are great for shorter distances (5-10 km) as they stay light and don’t chaff.


Lightweight Rain Jacket or Windbreaker

Mountain Hardware Stretch Ozonic Running for Beginners Jacket

Running for beginners usually doesn’t involve trudging through downpours or hail storms, or just generally sucky weather. Most of the time, if you have an hour, or a half an hour long run, you are able to plan it around the weather. When you get into your 1-2 or even longer runs, the weather becomes less predictable, however. Whether you need a basic shell for blustery, cool days or a fortified jacket fit for sub-zero conditions, there’s a wide range of jackets to choose from on the market. In addition to providing shelter from the elements, the Mountain Hardwear Ozonic jackets offer a sense of style and function with pockets and zippers in all the right places. Plus, the jacket uses lightweight, high-performance jacket (and patented) Dry.Q™ Active technology which banishes moisture. The material itself is actually stretchy too (for lack of a better word) basically giving you totally unrestricted movement for any activity. Again, I own one – this was the jacket I decided upon after hours of research. Do your own research as well, but make sure you give this jacket a good look.


Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Charge HR beginners fitness tracker Marketed toward those looking to lose weight or stay in shape, fitness trackers prove that every step counts. Most surpass the $100 mark, and might seem like a salty investment, but if you actually take advantage of all the technology and the information it offers, it can definitely make a difference to your performance, and really help you in goal setting for run times while learning what your body can and cannot handle. My personal favourite is the FitBit Charge HR as an overall fitness tracker. There are some more running specific trackers out there, but the FitBit Charge HR just comes with the total package at the right price. If you are looking for a top of the line runner tracker, the Garmin Forerunner is your best bet. It has all the same technology in the FitBit, plus GPS tracking so you can keep track of your pace, but does come with a higher price tag. Once you start training for races, serious runners will get a GPS watch to ensure that they keep with their race pace, but running for a beginner does not need to be that involved, and a more basic, overall fitness tracker will do just the trick.

The Charge HR monitors your heart rate automatically and continuously right from your wrist. This is a huge selling feature for me when I lift weights, as it can sense that my heart rate is higher and engaging in some form of activity; it doesn’t solely base your activity on movement. You can accurately track calorie burn, maintain workout intensity, maximize training and optimize health – all without an uncomfortable chest strap. Among its other features are wireless syncing with your smartphone, that allows you to see caller IDs and notifications on the OLED display, and an automatic workout and exercise tracking system, that gives you real-time run stats and route reviews. Also the long battery life (a couple of days) makes it a much more viable option for everyday wear.


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