Running for Beginners: Gear to Get You Going


Running for beginners Oakley half jacket sunglassesSunglasses are important because they make you look super cool, and protect your eyes from the relentless harmful UV rays you will encounter while out on a run (the more important being the latter, to most). Beginner runners often underestimate how easy it is to become dehydrated out on a run, and soon that bright, beautiful sun, turns into a glaring, headache-inducing spotlight. Now seeing as you will be out sometimes for a couple of hours, you want a nice light and breathable pair of sunglasses; for this I recommend the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0, as it lets you swap out its lenses with ease, have a nice light frame, and don’t fit too tightly around your eyes allowing good ventilation. Yes I know, I am not a major advocate of Oakley and their market dominance, but the half jackets are an awesome pair of athletic glasses that basically work in all scenarios (great for golf too). Featuring Oakley’s exclusive High Definition Optics, the Half Jacket 2.0 will impress you with its’ stress-resistant frames, which are both lightweight and durable, and the XYZ Optics Lens, with extended visual clarity while improving your peripheral view. The lack of the frame on the bottom of the lens is what really makes me love these glasses as you have a totally clear view of everything in front of you, and everything at your feet. Again, Oakley lacks the innovation to bring the glasses industry forward, but hot damn do they make great sports glasses.

Water Backpack

Running for beginners camelback dart backpackPerfect for both runners and hikers, sporting a backpack during your exercising may seem weird when running as a beginner, but you will never want to go back after trying. Plus initially, you don’t have a great idea of what your body can handle or how much water you should drink before and afterward, so having water available can save you on an unexpected long or stressful run. The Camelback backpacks have long been sports enthusiasts’ best friends, and for the long distance runners out there, water on your back could save your run…and your life! The Camelback Dart, in particular, holds 1.5 L of water – a manageable amount when running – and it has special storage spaces for essential items like keys, maps, phone or wallet. The easy open/close cap combined with the lightweight fillport and the low profile design make for the ideal backpack for exercising. Some people prefer the water belt, which Camelback also offers, but personally I prefer a Camelback, and this particular model offers the lowest price, includes tons of features, but still holds its’ minimalist design.

Track Pants

black under armour skinny track pants
Popular not just for the sake of style or tradition, but because they offer significant benefits to help athletes play harder and in a variety of conditions. Track pants or workout pants are great to wear around casually but are also great for runners in the cold conditions. There are a plethora of styles for track pants; most runners prefer tighter and lighter track pants to minimize the disturbance to their running. I picked more of a versatile pair of all-purpose track pants, great for running, working out, or just hanging around – UA’s new strength track pants. A great overall sweat pant which wicks sweat from the body and moves it to the surface of the pants, where it dries faster. Any pair of pants you get, you basically want to make sure it is lightweight and moisture wicking.


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